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Ahead of her Australian tour, we were lucky enough to talk with the woman dubbed 'Oprah's Patron Saint'

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“Everything you do is infused with the energy with which you do it.”

You’ll find inspiring quotes almost everywhere you look these days, largely on Instagram, Pinterest and, of course, sprinkled through the pages of The Collective. Like many of these, this one originally belongs to Marianne Williamson, speaker, activist and author of four New York Times bestsellers, including the highly acclaimed A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles.

Catching up with Marianne, her own energy is clear and convincing. From the human personality to existential philosophy and 21st century politics, she offers astute insights into some of the most fundamental aspects of life. And with over three decades as a spiritual teacher – and a stint as a US Congressional candidate – Marianne certainly has a lot of wisdom to share. 

Here is just a taster on…



A miracle is a shift in perception. Some people say it’s as easy as ‘oh just change that thought’. Well, if it was that easy we’d all be enlightened masters.

Look outside the window, look at a flower, look at anything happening, the world is clearly filled with miracles. But we have a very limited, narrow-mind dominated and fear dominated filter that keeps us from seeing all the extraordinary miracles that are around us all the time.



If I’m anxious crazy, depressed or angry I know that it’s not my true self-talking… at that moment it’s important to bite your tongue and send no texts, no emails and make no phone calls. Control your behaviour – at least have impulse control, which will be far easier if you meditated that morning. And having done those things, saying that prayer – saying that you are willing to see this differently – something comes over you. It could be a book, it could be an insight, it could be a teacher, it could be a phone call, a song lyric… you will be gently lifted out of the illusions that are causing you pain to the truth that causes you peace.



The older you get the more you are concerned for future generations. I also think that, at this particular time, no matter how old you are, a conscious person should be able to see the urgency of this moment. Unsustainable is not an ugly enough word.

I think that it’s all of our personal mission to wake up in the morning and be, as people, as good as we can – as loving, as forgiving, as merciful and as dedicated as we can be. And by so doing we contribute in whatever way we can to that larger collective mission. It’s an all hands-on-deck type of moment and each and every one of us needs to see ourselves as responsible for doing our part.

This is not the age of soloist this is the age of the choir.



You wake up in the morning and you take a bath, you take a shower. Why? Because you don’t want to take yesterday’s dirt on your body into the day. Well, if you don’t pray and you don’t meditate you are taking yesterday’s stress into the day. If you wake up in the morning and you turn on the TV or the news or computer then you’re not only taking yesterday’s stress from your life but the lives of people from all over the planet. So meditation and prayer in the morning purifies our thinking and cleanses our thinking the same way taking a shower cleanses your body.

We’re all distracted these days; we’re all unfocused and that’s not a very creative way to live – it’s a very stressful way to live. And so whether you’re writing a book or doing anything else, your creative capacity will be greatly diminished.



Spiritual exercise is like physical exercise, you never get to stop. If I’m not working on keeping my muscles up, my muscles are headed down. If I’m not working on keeping my thought forms up my thought forms are headed down. I don’t get to look in the mirror and say ‘I like the way my body looks so I don’t have to exercise anymore, go to the gym anymore, run anymore. I don’t have to do yoga anymore.’

Until we get to the point of total enlightenment – a point I have not reached – I don’t get to say ‘Well, I’m peaceful and loving today so I don’t have to meditate anymore.’

I am very clear that my lessons keeps coming. I am on the same trajectory of growth as anyone else I know and clearly my lessons keep coming.


To hear more of Marianne Williamson’s lessons, join us on her Australian tour with Wake Up Project and keep an eye out for Collective Hub’s  full story in August’s Issue 24.


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Pippa Kent

Super excited that Marianne Williamson is coming to Sydney :-) Fulfilment to me is when I am true to myself living in each present moment, listening to my head and heart. Simplicity and love xo

Pippa Kent

Thank you so much – awesome as always Collective Hub – You guys simply ROCK!!! :-) xo

Alissa Buttiglieri

THIS IS AMAZING!! I am absolutely over the MOON about Marianne coming! 😀 Fulfilment to me is having the FREEDOM to wake up every single day and serve the world doing what I love, while spending time with the people I love! I would love to win this and gift one of my gorgeous girlfriends too
!! <3

Collective Hub

Wonderful, thanks Alissa! Encourage your girlfriends to enter too to boost your chance! We also need every entrant’s city, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane? Thanks xx

Silvana Tedesco

Fullfillment for me is breathing in freedom and exhaling love. Xx Melbourne. Xx Would be stoked to see her!

Suzie Aron

I haven’t actually come across Marianne’s work before but after reading a little about her she sounds incredible. Fulfillment to me is being in the state of flow, joy, acceptance and unattached to the outcome. I’m from Brisbane and would absolutely love to go along with one of the incredible women from my team.

Tanja Lee Jones

Firstly THANK YOU for the opportunity Collective Hub! I spent 8 months doing Marianne Williamson’s MORNING PRAYER (3-4 times per day) – see attached, it truly is beautiful!. After 8 months, under my kitchen skylight my prayer was answered and I have not looked back since. Completely in love and in flow. Fulfilment for me = the opportunity to be in the room with ‘the messenger’ and fellow kindred spirits. I would love to learn more from her teachings and share with others both face to face and of course, through social media (tagging the collective of course). Big Love XOX

Tanja Lee Jones

Hey hub of gift giving collectives, I have been wonderfully gifted 2 tix to see Marianne – thank you so much, what a delight, however, they are for Sydney and I am based in Melb – Michelle, I have sent you an email on this just now. I do hope you are able to shift them as I a thrilled to be one of the winners and to attend. Looking forward to posting, sharing, loving and blogging about it! Blessings your way. X

Kylie Bartlett

Seeing Marianne Williamson in the flesh would be one of those breathless moments! I was first introduced to her work – through a dear frientor over 10 years ago -Kerry Spina -she had a special book of collected works – and I still remember the first time she read out the famous ‘Our deepest fear’. I started seeing it and hearing it everywhere, and has been a personal prayer for me ever since. Fulfillment – for me – is the result of an awakening, practicing self love, playing big to shine in the world and doing it even if we feel vulnerable, so that others can shine too. Kylie Bartlett (Brisbane – would be amazing!)

Merja Sumiloff

“Everything you do is infused with the energy with which you do it.” – This is amazing, and so true. Many amazing therapists and speakers are so effective because of the their clarity of their message and the energy they invite the beneficiary to elevate to. LOVE LOVE LOVE her work.

For me, Fulfillment is to be present with your inner child in any moment s/he needs guidance – good, bad, indifferent. When we stay with her/him we authentically LIVE the moment, and evolve past old hurts and into deep creativity and peace.

Preferred venue Sydney, please.

Happy Monday everyone! <3

Kristi Jaremus

Wow, what an opportunity! I’m from Brisbane, and fulfilment to me is waking in the morning in a state of joy with my life as it is, and anticipation of what my day will bring. Kristi xx

Kym O'Gorman

I’m from Brisbane and fulfilment to me means living a life that is true to my soul, makes my heart sing and makes a significant difference in this world. Kym.

Leisa Preston

I have just moved from Perth to Melbourne to start a new life and to be near my daughter who is expecting her first baby. To be able to do all this as an independent, educated woman is fulfillment for me. My preferred venue is Melbourne and I will invite my daughter to come with me to hear Marianne speak. Fabulous mother/daughter time together!

Sarah Nicholes

It feels serendipitous to find this in my Facebook feed today. I’m 26 and moved from regional NSW earlier this year to study music in Melbourne. It was brave move but one that has felt so right ever since. I decided to meditate to alleviate some stress this afternoon and Marianne’s Quote was part of the meditation. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” Sometimes negative thoughts creep in on me, that I’m not really that good at music and I should probably just get a real job and live by the status quo. But something inside me knows I can make the most difference if I follow my heart. I love the idea of having a creative business. Whilst my musicianship improves gradually, I am realising I’m a very beneficial member of any team as I’m a powerful communicator. Music School has highlighted many strengths and weaknesses within myself, the most powerful thing I have learnt is that I can learn and do anything I put my mind too. That is the type of miracle that Marianne I think is talking about. I would love to be a part of this and watch more miracles unfold. Thank you for the confirmation that I’m on the right track.

Dee Geoghegan

Fulfilment is being able to be me fully, craziness and all. Would love love love sydney tickets please!


To me, fulfilment comes in the most simplest things, but ultimately its about connection. Connection to nature, connection to oneself, connection to others, connection to your purpose in life, connection to your higher self and connection to life. I am in Adelaide but will travel anywhere for this opportunity to reconnect. Melbourne would be the preference.


Fulfilment to me means having the courage to be the you-est you, being courageous enough to follow your true passions, be willing to change course & ask God/The Universe how you can best serve, be fully present, give always over & above and to always ALWAYS come from a place of LOVE. If you do all this you will be fully spent in service of the greater good and a life of fulfilment is guaranteed.
My name is Kitty Baroque and if I am lucky enough to win a ticket I’d love to go to Melbourne X


Squeeeeeee just a tad excited to have a reply from @collectivehub , have emailed Michele <3 <3

Andrew Boyle

To me, fulfilment means being able to help others. I have a very dear friend of mine who is just starting her own journey of self discovery. It would mean the world to her, and therefore to me, if she was able to attend in Sydney.
Thank you Lisa and the Collective Hub x

Dévashi Shakti

Dévashi, Brisbane – Fulfilment is thinking I would still be away in Thailand while my most long term inspirational teacher, Marianne Williamson comes to my country – only to have a unexpected surgery with a frightening near death experience, that ended up bringing me back to Australia months before I had planned to, with the possibility of attending Marianne’s seminar in my home town. I discovered ACIM via Marianne long before it was cool, on my way home from school in a spiritual library. To me fulfilment is the feeling of knowing I’m exactly where I need to be, no matter the crazy circumstances it took to get there!

Kris Pierce

Kris – Melbourne. Fulfilment to me is living in the moment and grabbing hold of every opportunity that comes your way.


Renee from Melbourne – Fulfilment to me is waking up everyday with gratitude, living on purpose, doing what I am meant to do, how I want and by serving others.

Samantha Goulden

My name is Samantha Goulden and my preferred city is Melbourne. Fulfilment means the following to me:
Undisputedly authentic
Making a difference
Empathy & enthusiasm

Dani Di Bartolo

Dani – Melbourne
Love and acceptance of myself. Only then can I give and share unconditionally with the world.

Aphrodite Kapeleris

Aphrodite from Sydney.
Fulfilment for me is defined by those purely joyous moments when I hear one of my amazing preschool students turn to a friend who has upset them, and utter the words “I forgive you”, or when they turn to me at a random moment in the day and say, “I love you, Miss Aphrodite”. It is that special moment when I see them comfort one another, or use the words “choices” and “responsibility”. Fulfilment comes from the conversations I hear between my little angels when they remind each other not to pick leaves from trees because “we have to protect our environment” and when they want to bake cupcakes to sell so that we can “send the money to other children so they can buy books.” (this stemmed from a discussion about recent events in Nepal). It is these precious moments that instil in me a sense of purpose and foster a feeling of contentment that I am effecting change, even in this small way. The inspiring little ones that I have the privilege of seeing walk through the door each morning represent my heart’s definition of fulfilment.


Sarnia – Sydney. To me, fulfilment means walking in my own footprints every single day. And with each step just believing more and more in myself. Xx


Hi there,
My contact details are:
Sarnia Ralston
6 Leichhardt place
Sunshine bay nsw 2536



Fulfilment for me is to be able to appreciate everything in life – the ups for their joy and the downs for their lessons. Being completely present and understanding that there is no other time than now, and no other place than here, without losing sight of the desires within that drive me forward. Fulfilment is when we attain the malleable essence of being. Catalina, Sydney

Charlie de haas

Fulfilment to me is a sense of being. A sense of connection within your mind, knowing that you are exactly where you should be, your body, knowing that you are honouring it as your temple & your soul, knowing that you live with compassion and kindness from your heart.

Tori Collins

Tori Collins, Sydney.
For me, fulfillment is living mindfully and authentically, with a strong connection to The Universe. It’s doing the things you’re passionate about (even if you do those around life’s drudgery), and being useful to others. With those things in place, life has more meaning and it brings about an inner contentedness that shines out of you.

Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy : Brisbane

Fulfillment for my life is those moments I sit and take that big deep breath of recognition that you have made the right choices. Moments when your husband gives you a carving depicting his love for you instead of flowers that will die. That moment your child says something that makes you laugh so hard because their sense of humour is starting to evolve and it gives you chills of delight. When friends show up having your back after decades of that not being the case. Little moments of joy supercede any trials and tribulations.

Paula Jane Wells

PJ Wells – Brisbane

Fulfillment is love. Choosing to do what I love, choosing to spend time with people I love and knowing I have chosen love in difficult situations.

Mariana Fataccioli

Mariana Fataccioli – Brisbane
Fulfillment is perception. The perception that your life is full of love, abundance, joy and gratitude.

Natasha Vanzetti

Fulfilment is what makes you come alive. It could be a sunrise run, a cuddle with the kids, or a new client’s breakthrough. It’s all the little moments of life that come together with meaning, purpose and love. Natasha Vanzetti – Sydney

Carly O'Connor

Fulfillment is being true to yourself and

Loving what you do
Loving how you do it and
Loving who you do it with


Fiona Butler – Sydney. Fulfilment is that deep joy and satisfaction in knowing you’re living a worthwhile life and enjoying each minute. That inner joy and contentment that other people can’t help but notice. If you’re living a fulfilled life, it’s infectious and the fruits of that are seen in your relationships with others – they grow, and you have a greater capacity to listen to them and get excited about their world, knowing how happy you are and wanting that for them as well

Stella Papas

Marianne Williamson is one amazing woman i have admired for many years. Her passion & commitment to sharing her truth & wisdom with her soulful & spiritual teachings is truly precious in our times. Her devotion to creating awareness, enlightenment & empowering our challenging yet beautiful world is truly miraculous! That is fulfilment – knowing there are leaders making a difference with integrity – one person at a time! Sharing the same space & hearing her teachings in person will indeed be a blessing! Our soul only knows love… We have known all along, yet our ego can & will continue to interfere… When connecting to our innocent & playful inner child & allowing our pure soul to shine while following our purpose aligned to the Divine, that is true fulfilment… Cannot wait to see you in person here in Melbourne Marianne Williamson… xxx

Alice S

Alice- Melbourne. Fulfilment to me means being present and focusing on my core desired feelings to help me achieve the right attitude which leads to lots of gratitude! Being fulfilled means showing up and being the best version of me I can as when I put myself first this impacts positively on all of the relationships I have. I constantly get warm fuzzies from how I feel when I help others and also when I am on the receiving end of someone’s kindness. All I need is to be the authentic me and make decisions that align with my CDF (as championed by Danielle LaPorte). Living truly means I am able to constantly give thanks and focus on being grateful in all my blessings.

Kirsty Keating

Kirsty, Sydney, Fulfillment means to me – the being happy that you are not at the end of the rainbow today or perhaps even tomorrow, that you have not climbed the highest peak, just yet! but that every day when the sun shines on your face or the rain drops on your head you can feel it and be grateful, even a teeny tiny bit… :)

Or its just friday……

Lynne Clancy

lynne, sydney, to me a feeling of fulfilment isn’t an excited kind of happy, it’s more like a peaceful ease of mind. It’s being satisfied and content with what you have, whatever that is and celebrate it. I feel a sense of fulfilment knowing I have a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie to look forward to tonight.

Vicki Fletcher

Vicki, Sydney. Fulfilment is when I get into bed at night and think to myself, ‘yep I did a great job today’ no matter what happened; then look forward to and even more challenging day tomorrow. Growth and learning is happiness and fulfilment.


Fulfilment is listening to your own heart, having a strong desire and taking action towards creating an experience of living your inner vision. Kerry Weymouth, Melbourne

Rachel Knee

I will start by saying i believe in the law of attraction. I wrote out “A return to love” by Marianne last night to stick on my wall and then came across the Collective with Marianne today. I love what i do and who i am and i strive to reach my true potential by being a better version of myself everyday. To be fulfilled is to help others reach their full potential and together we build a better future.


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