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What makes a winning workspace where productivity, creativity & wellness flourish? A 'Vibe Manager' shares...

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The office space is a container of energy and when that container of energy vibrates love, possibility, positivity, kindness and compassion, it’s a much much better place to work,” say Kelly Robinson from Los Angeles, where’s she currently designing meditation company Headspace’s Santa Monica digs.

“People will want to work, they’ll do better work, they’ll have better conversations, they’ll come up with better ideas and there’ll be less blockages in getting stuff done.”

One of the most common workplace problems Kelly encounters is issues with productivity, which she believes stem from interruptions to flow resulting from poorly functioning workspaces.

Here are her top tips on how to enhance the office vibe – and subsequently its yield.



For me, clutter is a state of our society and our planet. It’s deeper than ‘there’s too much stuff in your house’. We have this programming that we need to consume and buy and have and obtain, but then we don’t actually honour those things that we have. Get rid of the things that don’t elevate your space, which you don’t really interact with and love on a daily basis. Even if that means not having much stuff.



If something’s broken or something isn’t working in your home or space, fix it. Don’t just let it sit there; take action. Really care for every little square foot of your space. Every space can serve a purpose, there shouldn’t be these dead energy zones in spaces where nothing is utilised or thought about. Design your office zones with purpose in mind. A desk is not a dining table.



What do you hear when you walk into a space? What do you smell when you walk into a space? What do you see? What’s the air quality like? Always come back to these basic ideas of what you can tangibly experience when you come into a space.



In the really big picture, the number one thing I’m concerned about is the planet. California is literally running out of water and there are people all over that are suffering and the population is getting bigger. Try to keep connecting to that bigger picture no matter what it is that you’re doing. Don’t forget where we are in the planet and the fact that we all actually share one space, one home.



It’s about making sure there’s a balance of elements to the space and there’s a balance of qualities to the space. Typically in architecture we have mostly men designing things, so it’s very yang, it’s very masculine. It’s rare that you get people coming into a really balanced space, but everybody feels better in balanced spaces.